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Lovers, fighters, scholars, rebels, dreamers and workers #WeAretheBiz

The team members at La Biznaga may come from different backgrounds, but they all share the same passion for making healthy, tasty, creative dishes. Read their stories below.



Co-Owner & Matriarch

Legend goes that Maria once wrestled a whale without knowing how to swim....and won. As a mother, restauranteur and powerful Latina, Maria oversees an organization with more than 20 employees but believes that being on the ground floor is invaluable. More importantly, Maria believes in love as a tool for peace.  Whenever she is not directing the troops, Maria likes to sing Karaoke and go on family camping trips on the Biznagamobile Jeep.



Chief Taco Steward

As our main server, Fer can juggle two chainsaws, four knives, two eggs, three enchiladas and a small puppy with the grace of a ballerina in his prime. With more than 20 years experience in the restaurant world, Fer values respect and patience as pillars of society. He is a resident of Lakeview East and loves to hangout in local bars on his days off.



Renaissance Man

You might see him sitting down in a corner rocking some braids looking like a hacker or an out-of-work  Viking. Little is known about him; we know he went to Harvard and that he is great designing things (menus, curriculum, restaurants, mind labyrinths, etc.). It is rumored that he carries a picture of Jon Snow in his wallet and that he once turned down being part of the Avengers. Apparently, he prefers being around tacos.



SideKick Extraordinaire

Steph is the daughter of Chayo and José G, which makes her almost indestructible. The myth recounts the day she was born, with a spatula in one hand and a shovel in the other; ready for any type of manual labor her parents might throw her way. Steph helps keep the restaurant running on the weekends and helps maintain our social media. She loves to eat hot Cheetos and chase them down with Patron in her free time. 



Organizational Memory & Spine

La Biznaga employs dozens of some of the baddest hombres and dopest women you have ever met. From the tortilla delivery folks [Miguel],  the sous chef [Mario] & part time cook [Nacho]- to our "carne guy" [George Jr.] ...we are supported by salt of the earth people who are often invisible. Whatever is your political affiliation, remember to show love to folks who work with their bodies and hands to make the American dream real. 


Our Team: Our Team


Check out some of the music our crew uses to slay dragons and box out depression.

Our playlist is Spanish hipster meets Mexican old school w/ some Reggae, 80s Rock,  Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa, Cumbia and alternative throughout. We also have surprise appearances by English, Chilean, P. Rican and French speaking artists who continue to influence the world over (Marley, Spoon, Phantogram, Nat King Cole and more).

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