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If you see him in the forrest fighting with a the bear.


José G. is an all-round bada***. Our Chef can change a tire, wash oil off a baby seal, wax his souped up Jeep, change a baby diaper and prepare the drippiest Birria by the time you have sent your first morning e-mail. 

Hyperbole aside, Chef José believes in providing consistently good food that appeals to the senses. He first arrived to the United States at the age of 15 and has served in every position known in the restaurant world. Rising through the ranks through strength of will, he eventually found his passion working as a chef.


In his more than 20 years of cooking experience, he has been a leader in kitchens at Aramark, DePaul University, The Marriott Downtown, The Plaza Club and his own restaurant, La Biznaga #1. 

In his free time José G. likes to go camping with his Jeep club and cooking his favorite dish, Carne Asada, in the great outdoors. 

About the Chef: About the Chef
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