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We believe that in the end, good guys win.

As members of the community, we see ourselves as a little more than just a restaurant. We want to put good vibes out there and offer a place where people are not afraid to eat alone, or be themselves, or find a place to escape from boredom and loneliness if just for five minutes. No, we are not Ghandi or Octavio Paz, we sell tacos and tortas. However, we are sure that Dolores Huerta and Emiliano Zapata had a dope place to satiate their hunger as they fought for justice.  


Our Values

1. PASSION: La comida (food) is our life.

A wise man once said: "It was God who created oysters and apples. And you can't improve recipes like that. But it is our job to try." Although there are certain Mexican plates that are standard, we want to offer plates that will surprise and become your new favorites. Our laid back yet vibrant dining room and feel-good Mexican dishes are meant to remind folks that pride can be humble and unassuming. 

2. OPENNESS: Es para todos /All are welcome.

We believe, despite evidence to the contrary, that we have more in common than otherwise. As long as you treat others with respect and refrain from judgement, we love you regardless of who you are. We welcome K-poppers, White Sox fans, motorheads, gym fanatics, hermits, geeks, Dungeons & Dragons masters, Sunnysiders, beet farmers, bachelorette superfans, tik-tokers, recluse artists, construction workers, and over caffeinated teachers alike. We only ask that you observe the golden rule at all times, por favor.  ​

3. COMMUNITY: Belonging is crucial to our wellbeing.

First things first: we love this neighborhood and strongly believe there is no better city than Chicago. So as to rep the city and its coolness, we promise to always listen and continue to improve. Being a Chingon* is not a finality, it is a constant process. [**Chingon · (Mexico, colloquial) an intelligent, skilled, capable person -someone or something cool, awesome, very good.]

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Noun: Any of several species of small, prickly cacti.

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